About Us

The Humanitarian Forum is a global network of key organisations from Muslim donor and recipient countries and their counterparts in Western regions.

We aim to put beneficiaries first by building trust between different communities, organisations and individuals to maximise the effectiveness of humanitarian action. We work with humanitarian and development organisations of all sizes internationally and in our partner countries. Through training, good governance, cooperation and maintaining humanitarian standards, we hope to create stronger, more efficient networks that can make the most of resources, learning from each other and foster innovation.

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The Team:

Dr. Hany El-Banna – Founder & President
Dr Hany El-Banna was born in Egypt in 1950 and originally trained in Medicine both in Egypt and the UK.  He is the founder of several charities, including Islamic Relief, Muslim Charities Forum and International HIV Fund.

Dr. Ghassan El-Kahlout – Director

Max Manzoor Wahid – Financial Management Consultant
Max manages the Finance assignments of The Humanitarian Forum. He graduated with an MBA, specialising in Finance and Accounting. During the past 8 years, he’s been responsible for the finances and administration of numerous education and health projects, for organisations including USAID and Save the Children in Asia

Fatima Hersi & Naima Khan – World Humanitarian Summit Programme Officers
Fatima and Naima work on our national and regional consultations across the world. They convene open space for frank discussion between humanitarian actors at all levels so that grassroots organisations can share platforms with government representatives.
email: fatima[at]humanitarianforum[dot]org

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